About Law & Food

Listen, you already read enough reviews with star systems, +/-, thumbs up/down and every other esoteric rating system imaginable. That’s not us. Rather than write the thousandth review of a place you’ve heard enough about, we strive to tell an interesting story from a fresh point of view. Contrarians by nature, we avoid hype for hype’s sake (unless it’s something we are genuinely excited about), while championing restaurants we love.

Law & Food is all about dualities. Law, which strives to be fair and objective, balanced against the ultimate subjective experience: Food. We write about the classic fine-dining establishments of New York City like Daniel, Peter Lugar and Le Bernardin, while simultaneously scouring Flushing basement stalls and Latin American food trucks in Brooklyn.

At the same time, we are ambitious home-cooks who love to search the internet for recipes and read about food, while drawing inspiration from the incredible depth of riches the New York City food scene has to offer. 

We both hope that you keep reading and commenting on Law & Food, and if you have any other questions or comments, feel free to contact us at: lawandfood@yahoo.com

Noah & Steve

Nothing on this site should be construed as offering any legal advice whatsoever.