Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Pork Belly and Baby Bok Choy

I got a pork belly at a market in Chinatown a few days ago (only $4!) that I've been itching to play with. I used the Momofuku recipe with a few tweaks, like adding some heat to the cure. I let it sit in the fridge over night then cooked it, let it cool, and sliced it up. The fat was crunchy and porky... It was so good my roommate and I ate the best fatty parts in silence right out of the oven.

To cut the fat of the belly, I sauteed some baby bok choy (in the run-off pork belly fat... so much for that idea) with garlic, rice wine vinegar and my hot spice blend of ground szechuan peppercorns and thai birds eye chili. Simple dinner with very little effort, all while allowing me to stuff my face with pork fat.

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