Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Roasted Chicken

I love making roast chicken, especially because I like to get the skin as crispy as possible. Plus, this blog post by Michael Ruhlman really sums up how easy it is to make and is pretty much the way I cooked it (except I turned the heat down to 425 30 minutes in).

Tonight, I made a (more Ruhlman) compound butter with harissa, honey and garlic. I massaged the butter as far deep under the bird's skin as possible, and then seasoned the skin heavily with salt and pepper. It came out really well, with the harissa mellowing out and gaining sweetness in the oven. The carcass of the bird is now simmering in a pot with some other aromatics.

I also made dal. I used red lentils, they cook much quicker. While I spice the dal differently every time, I usually like it with a lot of heat and a hint of sweetness (coming from the caramelized onions). See this Mark Bittman article, or check out this or this recipe from Indian Snacks for more options.

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