Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Official, Presenting The First Post On My Prestigious Blog

Wow. Surely I am writing to no one, just one among billions, but as the Replacements say, "it's too late to turn back here we go."

I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio the culinary home of Skyline Chili and Montgomery Inn ribs, but very little else. I just spent the past 3 years in the sweaty butthole of Georgia. Living in a town where even the soul food was terrible and the fast-food was a sub-par shadow of itself taught me to cook 3 meals a day for myself and my roommate. I also made time for a lot of serious eating in Atlanta, particularly along the Latin American and Asian food wonderland that is Buford Highway. I deeply miss loroco and chicharron pupusas that surpassed the very good ones served at the Red Hook ballfields and need to trek out to Brooklyn to find more.

Now, I'm a lawyer working for a legal non-profit while living and eating in New York City. I do a lot of writing, both legal (I call it "fun with appellate briefs"), and for my organization's blog.

I live in midtown and work in flatiron, but I eat cheap (usually) and expensive (occasionally) across the 4 boroughs (sorry Staten Island, maybe next year). I plan on writing about my food exploits around town, while also throwing a legal or music post in the mix. There are also a bunch of great restaurants I've been to over the past few months that I have been wanting to review. Plus I've got some really good food porn to show people.

Before I wrap up, I'd like to post a few thoughts on my favorite places so everyone knows where I stand:
burger: Shake Shack and JG Melon (2 completely different burgers)
EMP is fabulous. Ko, while very good was a totally different experience. I haven't been since the initial menu and would like to try it again.
Put me firmly in the pro Shopsin's camp, however with all due respect to Zach, the best sliders are my own.
Soto for Japanese.
I have no official opinion on pizza, although I like Roberta's and Motorino very much.
Places I plan on trying soon: Aldea, Corton, Commerce, Masa (yeah right), Per Se, Mile End (will wait for them to sort out their meat situation), DiFara, and about a million places in Flushing and across the city that I hope to review.

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