Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's the Year of the Tiger at Golden Steamer Bakery

Actually, just the tip of 2010 was the year of the cock.

I was down in Chinatown this past Sunday for the Chinese Lunar New Year parade on a friend's rooftop on Mott Street.

My roommate and I hopped the metal barriers blocking the street to cross from Banh Mi Saigon Bakery to the Golden Steamer Bakery directly across the street. I barely made the leap, it was like an awkward cartwheel. An old man yelled at me in Chinese as I climbed through an opening in the barrier in front of Golden Steamer. We picked up a 6-pack of steamed pork buns before climbing up 8 treacherous flights of Chinatown steps, finally reaching my friend's gleaming silver roof. From the rooftop we had an excellent view of the parade floats and the Notorious MSG, who were marching for some reason.

For dinner last night, I heated up two of the steamed buns in the microwave, then threw them in the toaster to get the outside crisp and brown.

Successfully posted without a single Golden Steamer joke.

The bun still tasted fresh two days later. The red stuff on the back of the plate is Crispy Prawn Chilli [sic], recommended by Joe DiStefano. It's sweet, crunchy, fishy and spicy. It adds great texture and heat to anything (the lady at the counter recommended it on noodles). I mixed some with scallion cream cheese and spread it on a bagel:

The onion-y bite from the scallion added a magnificent extra component to the crispy prawn chili. Moreover, the fishy taste of the prawn chilli mimicked the traditional lox, but with a sweet and spicy kick. I've only had the jar for a few days, but the crispy prawn chilli goes on everything (even straight out of the jar and on toast). The experimentation continues, and if anyone has any suggestions for more uses, I'd love to hear them.

Golden Steamer Bakery
143 Mott Street

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