Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Music Monday: The Jesus and Mary Chain, "Just Like Honey"

Apologies for the hiatus but life has a nasty habit of creeping up on you and kicking you right where it hurts. Enter my life for the past month, where I've been spending more time at the office than I care to share with you all. Worst of all, having to eat three meals a day in Midtown...

This is my first contribution to the Music Monday segment of our blog and one I'm most eager to contribute towards. While Chief used the the euphemism "eclectic" to describe my music I take no offense. Fact is, music has been about as influential in my life as food has and I find many parallels between the two. I proudly admit that I grew up listening to a steady stream of independent music from surrounding colleges in Rochester, New York; and in college things came full circle as I was a DJ and music director for our radio station 91.1 FM WDUB. From one-time listener to DJ, I've done it all and been lucky to listen to all sorts of genres and artists.

Just as food brings people from all races, religions and political party together so too does music. Food and music have the same ability to transport us to another time, evoking forgotten memories. The smell of the house on Thanksgiving or Neutral Milk Hotel's "Holland, 1945," transports you to days before. So for my first music post I am starting with a classic: The Jesus and Mary Chain's "Just Like Honey."

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