Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RUB Burger Update

After the first time I tried the RUB Burger, I wrote that it was one of the best burgers I'd ever eaten. A second visit confirmed its greatness. This time we have pictures:

The RUB Burger in all its glory

Served with pickles, caramelized onions and velveeta cheese.
All pictures by the DegustationAsian.

Interior shot.

On my first visit the special burger, a Jucy Lucy, was an inspired choice. The burger is one of many different regional variations featured weekly. Always Hungry has an interesting interview today with Scott Smith from RUB, where he discusses the evolution of the specials.

This week, it was a blue cheese bacon burger, not exactly a regional specialty. While the funkiness of the blue cheese was nice, it overpowered the horseradish aoli. The bacon was clearly high quality with a nice smokiness, but it was unevenly cooked.

 Interior shot.

I could have housed another RUB Burger (I had half), especially after the disappointment of the blue cheese bacon burger. Yet I decided against it in light of the huge order of fries and burnt ends before us.

208 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 524-4300


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  1. delicious hamburger

  2. It's a delicious dish, I had tried the same version a few months ago but I couldn't tasted as well because I was using braces in my mouth.