Monday, May 10, 2010

Music Monday: Get Ready

Lately, I've been seeing endless commercials for the new season of "The Next Food Network Star." The whole contest is craven and stupid for its focus on finding a "food celebrity" rather than someone who brings something unique to food television (as well as the low quality rip-off of Top Chef factor). What bothered me most is the saccharine cover of one of my favorite songs, "Get Ready," by the Temptations, playing over the commercial. It sucks to high heaven, sounding like a version created by committee. I looked for a clip for over an hour. Unable to find the commercial, I realized the pure banality of what I was doing and gave up.

Instead, here's a rocksteady version from one of my favorite Jamaican singers ever, Delroy Wilson.

I also looked for another version of "Get Ready," a horn version by saxophonist Tommy McCook, but I couldn't find that either (I had a long flight on Sunday, and have been preparing for trial). Instead, here's another song from Delroy Wilson. It's a cover of a boring Bob Marley and The Wailers song that Wilson elevates to a whole new level. "I'm Still Waiting."

Happy Music Monday!

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