Sunday, June 6, 2010

Music Monday: Calexico

I'll never understand why some bands aren't more popular. Take Calexico, a Tucson, Arizona based band who recorded their first album, "Spokes," in 1996. Sure, they have a devoted following and continually put out great albums throughout the years, but I can't imagine how their music doesn't resonate with more people. Their sound is unique, yet clearly rooted in the past, with an obvious debt to country, mariachi and rock. Don't be creeped out that the lead singer, Joey Burns, looks suspiciously like Crispen Glover, his voice is earnest and honest without being over the top (like too many singers these days).

Both of these clips are from a 2004 show at the Barbican in London. First, "Quattro," is one of my favorite songs ever-- I could listen to it on an endless loop and never get bored. This live version is one of the best I've heard, especially with the mariachi band backing them up.

Give this next song, "Crystal Frontier," a chance beyond the first minute. It picks up, then gets wild.

I can only hope that the few of you who read our Music Monday posts like what you hear, and vow to spread the word about this incredibly talented band.

For those who want to see Calexico live (like me, but I've always missed my chance), luckily, they're playing two shows at the City Winery in NYC on July 19th and 20th. Not sure about City Winery as a venue, but I love this band so much that I definitely intend on checking out at least one of their shows, and I hope you do too.

Have a great Music Monday!

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