Monday, June 14, 2010

Music Monday: O Canada

For the past couple of years I've kept telling my friends who actually listen to the same music that I do that Canada and not the U.S. is producing the best indie music. Our neighbors to the north is home to some of the best indie bands who are responsible for some of the most progressive and innovative music within the industry. It just happens to coincide that four of my favorite Canadian indie bands have recently put out Spring releases, so without further adieu I've dedicated this Music Monday to showcase these talents.

The first band featured is Broken Social Scene who hail from Toronto. Introduced to them by my friend AH, Broken Social Scene was founded by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning and is what I'd consider an indie "super group." With a rotating lineup that has featured the likes of Emily Haines (Metric), Amy Millan (Stars) and Leslie Feist, Broken Social Scene boarders on the experimental; utilizing multiple instruments, vocalists and sound effects. Featured here is an excellent recording of "Texico Bitches" from their new album, Forgiveness Rock Record.

Though originally based out of Toronto, the Canadian band Stars currently calls Montreal home and is one of my personal favorites. Interestingly enough, all of the band members of Stars have at one time or another been involved in the band, Broken Social Scene, whom they share the Arts & Crafts record label with. Amy Millan's vocals are prominently featured on the bands latest single, "Fixed" from their latest release, The Five Ghosts.

The third group, The New Pornographers, is also somewhat of an indie "super group" that I started following during college. The combination of Carl Newman's (A.C. Newman) writing and the vocal talents of Neko Case drew me to this band who was formed in Vancouver. Below is a video of The New Pornographers' second single "Crash Years" off their newest album, Together, that was recently performed on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

The last band featured is perhaps the most famous of the quartet. The Montreal-based band, The Arcade Fire is somewhat of an indie deity, having achieved a cult-like status after their 2005 release Funeral, stormed up the indie charts and was named the best record by Pitchfork Media. Their 2008 follow up, Neon Bible, then earned the band their second Best Alternative Album Grammy nomination. Most recently, the band's dedicated following have gotten their hands on two new leaked tracks from an upcoming single. Here is a fan video of one of their new songs, "The Suburbs." Have a great Music Monday!

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