Monday, June 21, 2010


I've been looking for the right Kirby cucumbers to make pickles for awhile now. Every week I would scour the Union Square Greenmarket in search of these elusive cucumbers. Finally, last week I found a stall with a huge pile of fresh, bright green cucumbers.

I've always used my great-grandfather's recipe, which was passed down to my grandfather, skipped a generation, and finally reached my brothers, cousins and myself. They are easily the best pickles I've ever eaten, with a wonderful nuance that's missing from store-bought brands.

So, Sunday night my cousin stopped by and helped me put up a batch. We only did 5 jars, but there will be more to come. Surprisingly, the ghost chile in the front right jar is not traditional.

After about a week they go in the fridge, then I can either open them or let them age for much, much longer. I've eaten ones that have been pickled for over two years. I probably won't let the ghost chile jar sit that long, as it might kill me.

Check back when I open them for my pickle "tasting notes."

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