Monday, July 26, 2010

Music Monday: Tennis

In case you haven't noticed, New York is in the midst of an unrelenting heatwave. Each passing day seems worse with temperatures routinely in the mid to high 90's, only further compounded by stifling humidity. With the exception of Con Ed, most of us can't help but dream for relief from this heat "marathon." Escaping to Maine for the weekend, I was caught off-guard by the stark difference in temperatures. Unfortunately returning back to New York for work, I've decided to feature a husband-wife duo called Tennis.

Although I'm far from the first blogger to pimp this band comprised of Alaina Moore and husband, Patrick Riley, their song, "Marathon," is most deserving of yet another plug. Story has it that the song's origin stemmed from Moore teasing Riley for playing this "elitist" sport in college. Having spent eight months sailing off the east coast, their single, "Marathon," features a bobbing organ to accompany Moore's retro-like coos as she sings about a destination named Coconut Grove. But perhaps Moore is on to something and we should all aspire to find our own Coconut Grove, thereby escaping this heat at the same time. Have a great Monday and stay cool!

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