Monday, July 19, 2010

Music Monday: Scratch

I love Lee "Scratch" Perry. He's not just one of the most influential music producers of the twentieth century, he's also the image I use on Twitter, Chowhound, etc. (that was a joke).  This song was produced at the infamous Black Ark studio in Jamaica, which had an entirely unique sound (mainly due to the lo-fi quality of much of the equipment). This song, "Disco Devil," uses the "Iron Shirt" rhythm that most people will only recognize from the Jay-Z song. However, the original was sung by Max Romeo and produced by Lee Perry. This version has Perry on vocals (who is notorious for his terrible voice) and is filled with weird effects (I really dig the drums). To me, it encapsulates the Black Ark (and Perry's) unique sound.

Have a great Music Monday!

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