Monday, September 13, 2010

Obligatory RUB Burger Post

Hey so sue me, I wanted to watch the US Open and catch some of the Jets/Ravens game after work. It just conveniently happened to be the Monday night when RUB BBQ serves their burger. It was also only a 15 minute subway ride. Really, I had no choice.

Tonight's special was the fried green tomato burger served with arugula, red onions, remoulade and munster cheese.

Even with the arugula, it needed more bite (swap one of those fried tomatoes with a fried pickle and I'm sold). The fried tomatoes were awesome though, with the crust clinging perfectly to the firm fruit (yeah- that's right). Not sure about the munster-- always the most inoffensive of cheeses. Solid, but no bearnaise burger (the very thought of which still causes me to salivate uncontrollably).

On a slight tangent, I tried the burger at Molly's Shebeen for the first time on Friday night. All I can say is that it's a fair burger far overrated by the one-of-a-kind pub atmosphere. Truly a great place to get housed on Magner's for no good reason.

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