Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Sometimes certain things outlive their usefulness (like home phones, Entourage and the criminal justice system). So it goes with our nicknames-- which neither of us liked very much. Well, we're willing to admit our mistake and officially introduce ourselves for real this time.

I'm Noah, f/k/a "The Chief." While I was working for a legal non-profit most of the year, now I've at least temporarily gone to the dark side as a bank attorney (I need to finance my eating somehow). That's as detailed as I'm willing to get, especially since the original reason for our anonymity was a desire to keep the lawyering separate from the eating.

Now I'll turn it over to Steve f/k/a "The Degustation Asian":

Like Noah, I too, feel this reintroduction of sorts is long overdue. Currently, I spend far too many hours of my life toiling away in the bowels of a large downtown firm. One of The only luxury this job affords me are the necessary funds to fuel my insatiable appetite for the finer things in life.

(Noah again):

Other than nothing's really changing around here. So keep reading and we'll keep posting.

Noah & Steve

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