Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brunch Bets: Bubby's (Brooklyn)

Living in a prominently Chinese neighborhood of Brooklyn, dim sum is often our default brunch option. However, when MW and I feel so inclined to venture further than a few blocks away but don't want to travel all the way into Manhattan just for brunch, then Bubby's is always a solid option. Granted, being located in DUMBO barely constitutes still being in Brooklyn, but nonetheless, if you're willing to fend off the hoards of baby strollers and families, then Bubby's offers traditional breakfast fare with a beautiful backdrop.

Practically tripping over the dozen or so baby strollers parked inside the entrance, I half joked with MW that this area was even more pro-family than Park Slope. True enough, after a quick wait, we were seated next to a designated play area for children, complete with books and toys. Our server arrived shortly, dropping off a Complimentary Basket of Biscuits, served alongside Butter and Peach Jam, and brought us our coffees. The biscuits were a bit too dense for my liking, but were served warm and went down easy after a generous slathering of butter and sweet jam.

MW's standby whenever we go to Bubby's is the Griddle Special, consisting of Two Pancakes, Two Farm Fresh Eggs and Thick Cut Smokehouse Bacon and on this occasion chose banana sourcream pancakes with poached eggs to accompany the thick strips of bacon. Admittedly, I've yet to be impressed with Bubby's pancakes, as they aren't nearly as light and fluffy as the ones at Clinton Street, but MW never seems to complain.

Initially drawn to a shortrib hash described on the specials board, I ultimately had to settle on the Crab Cake Benedict, with Two Poached Eggs, Hollandaise, Two Crab Cakes, Spinach and Home Fries, after being told it had sold out. As it turned out, I didn't really settle, since the dish was pretty damn tasty. The eggs were properly poached, yielding a lusciously runny yolk when pierced, which oozed out and coated the contents of the plate. The crab cake itself was OK, plenty of crab meat and nice crisp exterior and the hollandaise was decadent, but in hindsight, the dish would have greatly benefited from some additional acid. Perhaps some lemon in the sauce? The home fries were crispy and superior than the average version found at most corner diners, which rounded out an extremely filling plate of food.

What Bubby's lacks in the unique or creative department, they more than compensate in terms of comfort. Perhaps best known for their homemade pies, families seem to flock to this destination underneath the bridge for hearty meals in a picturesque setting. With a menu loaded with traditional brunch staples and overflowing plates, Bubby's is as good a destination as any other for a satisfying weekend afternoon meal.

Bubby's (Brooklyn)
1 Main St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 222-0666


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