Monday, November 22, 2010

Your Newest Iron Chef

We'd like to give an official Law & Food congratulations to new Iron Chef Marc Forgione, who bested fellow NYC chef Marco Canora in battle at Kitchen Stadium last night (and we'll never pass up an easy chance to recycle some old content). Steve and I have both posted about Marc Forgione. Here's the link to Steve's dinner and my recent brunch. Both excellent meals (I'm just speculating about Steve's, but the pictures look great).

I didn't watch, but I'm sure the Chairman, upon announcing the winner, held the "c" in Marc for an excessively long time.

For my money, no one can be called a true Iron Chef (for all eternity) until they've defeated Iron Chef Chen Kenichi at the original Kitchen Stadium. I'm holding out hope...

More on Eater (with video!)

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