Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things I'm Addicted To: Pistachio Nougat

For me, Sahadi's has become a crucial lunch spot for a temporary escape from the high stress of the Kings County court system. A pita and hummus, along with one of their many salads makes for a great light lunch.

However, if not for the pistachio nougat, I doubt I'd be there as often. I'm a huge fan of pistachio desserts, especially when they're not too sweet. At Sahadi's, you can get the nougats by the pound (which goes a long way, and will run you around $6.50). I order them by the handful and eat them faster than seems possible.

"Things I'm Addicted To" seems like an good idea for a column, but may get uncomfortably personal. Let's find out together!


  1. I would love to know what. it. is. about nougat that makes it so good. I don't even really love nuts in my dessert, but I'll take nougat with anything. And I think I just moved pretty close to Sahadi's, so . . .

  2. "Things you are addicted to" sounds like the E! true Hollywood story for Lindsay Lohan.