Monday, February 28, 2011

Music Monday: Conversation

I could listen to "My Conversation" by Slim Smith and The Uniques over and over again. It's eminently catchy-- simply because of three piano notes. Check it out (on YouTube only, apparently).

With such a catchy tune, it seems like a good time to show off a couple of other songs using the so-called "Conversation Riddim" after the jump.
Deejay music (sort of an earlier version of rap), is not usually my first choice when listening to reggae, but Shorty's "President Mash up the Resident," using that familiar riddim, is just so damn fun.

Finally, King Tubby, one of the progenitors of dub, creates a much sparer version of the riddim with  "Conversation Dub."

Three great riffs on one amazing tune. Have a great Music Monday!

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