Thursday, June 23, 2011

Milk Street Cafe Opens Today on Wall Street

I attended a press event a couple of weeks ago for Milk Street Cafe, a famous Boston food hall and caterer that's opening today at 40 Wall Street in Lower Manhattan. Everything I ate, from sushi and non-dairy desserts, to English Pea risotta and bruschetta was made in house in one of their three gigantic kitchens. Milk Street is positioning themselves as a Kosher Eataly with less groceries and the ability to cater to even the most doctrinaire vegan (OK, maybe not the most doctrinaire vegan, but nearly everyone else with dietary restrictions).

I doubt I'll go for lunch, since I'm lazy and it's a 10 minute walk from my office, but I'll definitely return for the Intelligentsia coffee being served at the espresso bar.

Good choice Milk Street, that's my favorite.

Milk Street Cafe
40 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005
(212) 542-3663

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