Friday, July 1, 2011

Something's Fishy at Smorgasburg

My second visit to Smorgasburg, the food vendor version of the Brooklyn Flea Market, was much more pleasant than the first. Less crowded and not as oppressively hot, it was the perfect day to spend outside.

What's good for a hot day (besides cold beers, which I'll get to later)? Seafood and Salad! Sure...

Fryin' on a Prayer

Bon Chovie sells fried anchovies. I got Jersey style, which was described as down and dirty, meaning heads on. Served with a spicy mayo and a couple of pickled peppers, the anchovies were fresh tasting and well fried. There's no better way to start a day.

You would think my seafood craving was sated at this point. But no, after the last bite of anchovy I headed to the oyster stall for a Beau Soleil and Malpeque oyster. Don't ask me which is which, but the $2.75 apiece price tag makes me want to seek out some dollar oyster deals.

Hey, lets get some salad now. Perhaps the one from Tenpenny that Melissa has raved about: Spring Vegetables (this should probably be called Very Late Spring Vegetables by now).

The salad was a pile of pickled, roasted, candied, crisped and raw vegetables topped with a sunchoke crumble on a bed of ranch dressing. Among the vegetables were were cherry tomatoes, snap peas, English peas and roasted garlic. Exceedingly refreshing with a great mix of textures and flavors that never became muddled.

No, I really have not had enough seafood. After my former roommate The Quaker joined us, we honed in on a lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound. Solid, but not as good as Luke's Lobster. Melissa dropped about $3 worth of lobster meat on the ground. For this I will never forgive her.

Sated and sunburned, we walked over to Brooklyn Bier Merchants to drink the afternoon away, completing a successful day at Smorgasburg.


  1. ...Out of everything on this page, I think I want the salad the most.

    But I want everything. Um. Yes.

  2. You would say that. I think you're biased though.