Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday: B.A.D.

I was lucky enough to see Big Audio Dynamite ("B.A.D.") play at Brooklyn Bowl last week. Consisting of former Clash lead guitarist Mick Jones and producer Don Letts (as well as two guys whose names I forget and won't bother looking up), B.A.D. seemed like a natural progression for Mick Jones' pop sensibility (and love of sound samples) after the break up of the Clash.

"A Party" is a song I didn't know too well before the concert, but it may have been my favorite song of the whole night. They got into a groove with it early on and never let go, while all the while Mick Jones showed off his playful side. The video is a live version, so the quality is not fabulous. However, the album version can only be played on Youtube, so check that out.

Have a fabulous Music Monday!

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