Monday, October 24, 2011

Change Up

You've probably noticed that we've been posting less frequently lately. I owe you an explanation. Most significantly, editing Real Cheap Eats has taken up a lot of my time, and I'll be doing some type of weekly contribution to their new blog. Work has also picked up significantly (and that's what pays the bills and allows me to eat all this food).

So what's going to happen with Law & Food? First, Steve will not be posting anymore. According to him, he's taking an "indefinite hiatus," which, knowing him, will likely last forever. However, he will continue to post photos of his meals, making the rest of us jealous. You can find those photos here. Of course, all the shitty pictures on our Flickr page are mine.

The plan now is for one post a week. This post will probably not be a straight restaurant review, but something a little broader-- I'm going to keep it loose. Though, if I do eat something worth writing about, it will be here. There will also likely be more cooking posts, since my new apartment has a pretty sweet kitchen, and I've been cooking a lot more. My previous apartment had the worst kitchen I've ever cooked in, perhaps only second to the summer apartment I had in Bushwick, where I owned a broken microwave and had to turn the gas on each time I cooked (unless I wanted to blow up the building). Cooking posts have always been a lot of fun to write, and I like to think that I've got some skills (and creativity) to show people a thing or two. 

Music Monday's are out. I know how disappointing this is to everyone who loves them. If the five of you who are interested in obscure reggae still want to hear what I've been listening to, I'll continue posting music links on Twitter. There's also a podcast that will be coming soon, although that will likely be on a different site. Of course, I'll link it here when it drops.

Until then, I hope you stick around to see what's in the works. I'm excited for the change and I hope you are too.


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