Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another RUB Down

I can't stop thinking about the special RUB Burger I ate last night. I convinced The Quaker, who had already eaten a burger for lunch, to come with me to RUB (such is its pull) for the special of the week Bearnaise burger, which, as you might imagine, was doused in Bearnaise sauce.

No pictures this time, see here for more pictures from our previous visit.

I can still taste it right now. I've raved about the crust, whose flavor is accentuated by a small amount of aged meat, but the tarragon and vinegar in the Bearnaise (which I love with a good dry-aged steak), when mixed with the meat juice from the burger, were in perfect harmony. The Quaker was initially skeptical about the potential quality of the sauce, but we both agreed that it was delicious. We split the Bearnaise burger along with a RUB Burger and some chili cheese fries, which were made with crispy fries and a high quality chili, but cost $8.50. Regardless of the price ($7.50 for the Bearnaise Burger), I could have eaten three. Thinking of the sauce mixing with the burger juice makes me want to attempt Sauce Foyot, which is a Bearnaise with concentrated meat stock added.

I told the waiter how much I liked the burger as he was clearing our paper plates, he said: "I love the chef's Bearnaise." It sounded weird, but I have to agree with him.

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