Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tennis Rolls Anyone?

Dumb title, I know.

Walking past various bakeries around Crown Heights/Bed Stuy, I kept seeing signs advertising "Tennis Rolls." I grew up playing tennis, and, despite knowing that there was likely only an extremely tenuous connection, I was intrigued. Because I'm lazy (or potentially forgot) I neglected to look up what a Tennis Roll actually is before trying one tonight.

After an unsuccessful search for a quick jerk chicken fix (I ended up at Popeye's...) I stopped at Royal Bake and Roti House on Nostrand Avenue for doubles and a Tennis Roll. The doubles, which is not pictured because its always look disgusting, was great. Best bara I've had yet-- thin and chewy, with the tangy pepper sauce complementing the firm channa. Really one of the best doubles I've tried.

I bit into my Tennis Roll fully expecting it to be stuffed with some type of unknown goodness-- like a pork bun or some kind of coconut custard. This seemed like a perfectly reasonable expectation. Yet, to my surprise, there was no filling-- just a simple, slightly sweet dinner roll. Turns out, the rolls are Guyanese and so named because they're round like a tennis ball. Not the most apt description, but I like the name and I like the roll.

618 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216
(718) 604-0200
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  1. Royal Bake and Roti House on Nostrand Avenue have the biggest rotis in BK