Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Monday: Pogo

This week's Music Monday reads like a Disney fairy tale. Hailing all the way from Perth, Australia, Nick Bertke (aka Pogo), began dabbling with music since he was a young lad. However, unlike most of his peers who picked up a guitar or drumsticks, Pogo turned to his computer, creating an array of unique music called "cut-ups," which involved micro-splicing various samples to produce a coherent, and altogether, original song. What originally began as nothing more than a hobby quickly transformed into something serious when Pogo bravely/foolishly used samples from several Walt Disney movies that garnered so much attention that some of the corporate heads began to notice. Now, here's where real life begins to mimic a fairy tale, instead of suing Pogo for numerous copyright infringements, Disney was so impressed with his work, they extended the talented artist a contract to actually produce music for them. Not a bad deal if you really think about it, and now that his Disney contract has terminated, Pogo is tearing up the interwebs with his tracks. The first track, "Joburg Jam," incorporates samples from the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa to create an absolutely incredible song and is the part of Pogo's World Remix project.

I suppose it would be cruel to tell you about Pogo's artistic use of Disney samples and not include a representative track. "Alice," from, you guessed it, Alice in Wonderland, is probably my favorite.

If you enjoyed any of these tracks or are just intrigued, please visit Pogo's website where you can learn more about the artist, listen to more of his music and support him. Happy Music Monday!

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