Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yat Yat Sweet: Sweet and Stinky

Growing up in Rochester, I'll admit to being completely ignorant of Chinese food. But after being introduced to Cantonese cuisine during a trip to Hong Kong and a rudimentary education via MW, I'm proud to say that now I'm only mostly ignorant of Chinese food. But when YC introduced me to a rather unique dessert last week, I just knew that I had to write about it.

Located in Bath Beach, Yat Yat Sweet is a new restaurant specializing in Hong Kong cafe style desserts such as bubble teas, herb grass jelly, tong yuen and dessert soups. Knowing my tastes in food, YC knew that unlike most people, I actually like the taste of durian, and brought me a Durian Sago Soup. Durian, an alien-looking fruit which grows throughout Asia, possesses a notorious, if not noxious odor, and is more than capable of making even the most adventurous of eaters run for the hills. Hell, even Bizarre Foods guru Andrew Zimmern can't even stomach the stuff. Described as tasting something like dirty socks mixed with rancid onions with a mushy consistency, I can honestly say that this isn't for everyone.

Upon lifting the plastic cover of the inconspicuous white styrofoam container, I was met with a potent plume of durian. There was no mistaking the key ingredient in this dessert. Served over a sort of durian slush were chunks of diced durian, large and small sago and tapioca pearls. Definitely not for the faint of heart, the slush prominently contained that characteristic durian flavor that was only exaggerated by the pieces of fruit that became interspersed when mixed together. The sago pearls provided a nice textural contrast but otherwise contributed nothing to the dish. Still, at $5 and icy cold, this is a sweet but stinky treat and a must try for durian fans.

Yat Yat Sweet
1926 Bath Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11214
(718) 513-6355
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  1. I really wanted to dig into my Asian roots and like this fruit. But I didn't. I hated the smell, taste, and texture. It just doesn't do it for me.

    Stinky tofu, on the other hand, is awesome!

  2. Ha, I wasn't too fond of it when I initially tried it in Hong Kong...but I suggest trying it frozen as it mutes much of the odor and has an ice cream-like texture.

    Have only had stinky tofu a few times at some Taiwanese restaurants in the U.S. Might go to China later this year and will be one of the things I want to try.

    Chinese Salted Fish is too strong for me at times.