Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Presenting the Real Cheap Eats Guide

New York City has always been stereotyped as hyper-expensive. And sure, when I first moved I bought into what I'd heard. Yet I soon realized that the city is anything but expensive (temporary unemployment helped force this realization as well). In fact, if you know where to look, the city is in fact pretty damn cheap.

So it was with great disappointment that I read this year's "Cheap" Eats guide from Time Out NY. Had anyone even ventured outside of their bubble? Had anyone even tried? The takeaway was that we could do better. Hell, any pea-brained blogger with a laptop and a long afternoon could do better (note that I did not mention NY Magazine).

Then, as luck would have it, James Boo of The Eaten Path had been marinating on an idea. He would compile a secret cabal of NYC food bloggers and together we would create a guide. Actually, not just a guide, but The Guide. No lone <$10 dishes on a restaurant's menu. No tapas. No bullshit. Just cheap, seriously good eats.

Here it is: www.realcheapeats.com. Check it out. I think we succeeded in our mission.

I hope you enjoy The Guide as much as I do.


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