Monday, January 3, 2011

Music Monday: Winston Jarrett

Winston Jarrett (not to be confused with Wayne Jarrett) got his start singing back-up for Alton Ellis with the harmony group The Flames. Once they split up, Jarrett formed The Righteous Flames and recorded a whole bunch of great music. Here's a couple of my favorite tracks. First up is "Run to the Rock," which features some great reggae guitar playing.

One more song after the jump.

I couldn't find the version of this song, "Isn't it Wrong," off the Kingston Rock album (easily downloadable if you put it into Google). It's way better (not to say that this is a bad version-- it's not). This track puts Jarrett's voice front and center. People say he sounds like Alton Ellis. Not to me though-- his voice is much rougher around the edges.

Have a great Music Monday and an even better 2011!

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